Interactions among the Chemicals, Environment and Biological Systems

and their Consequences on the Global, Regional and Local Scales

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FSO No. 2: Migration of Compounds in Geosphere and Atmosphere


Research Part of Plan (RPP):

RPP No. 2.1   Differentiation and migration of chemical compounds in different geotectonic regimes - study of earth core rocks and their minerals in relation to differentiation and migration of the compounds in the environment, real or potential sources of sedimental covers of different age and their possible environmental impact, study of the migration mechanisms in different geotectonic environments with respect to accumulation of compounds with potential negative impacts
RPP No. 2.2   Bioindication of stress factors in ecosystems of younger Tertiary and Quaternary period - identification of existing patterns in biotic tertiary and quaternary populations and ecosystems, link to recent ecosystems, causal interpretation of their development
RPP No. 2.3   Geochemical processes regulating distribution of chemical compounds in the environment - study of the migration abilities (release, transformation and capture) of heavy metals and organic compounds in real conditions of pore and surface waters during dynamic water-rock, and soil-atmosphere interactions
RPP No. 2.4   Climatology in relation to selected natural risks - impact of climatic factors on transport of PTS, evaluation of environmental risks in ecosystems, study of time and space variability of climate, climatic scenarios with respect to transport of chemical compounds in natural environment, hydrometeorologic risks

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