Interactions among the Chemicals, Environment and Biological Systems

and their Consequences on the Global, Regional and Local Scales

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FSO No. 3: Biological Effects of Selected Compounds and Bioindication of Stress Factors


Research Part of Plan (RPP):

RPP No. 3.1   Mechanisms of action of the chemical compounds - study of the mechanisms and consequences of DNA damage in bacteria and eukaryotic cells, dioxin-like toxicity, disruption of steroidogenesis and regulation pathways of estrogens and retinoids, toxicity for primary metabolism (mitochondrial and oxidative stress) with focus on recognition of effects
RPP No. 3.2   Evaluation of effects of contamination in the soil environment - study of acute and sublethal effects of new types of pollutants and evaluation of bioavailibility of the compounds in soils; indication of stress in real soils
RPP No. 3.3   Effects of anthropogenic contaminants and biotoxins on organisms in aquatic ecosystem - study of effects of important anthropogenic contaminants, their derivatives and biotoxins in aquatic ecosystem with important accent on EU requirements (Water Framework Directive) and effort for complex understanding of little studied effects and processes in aquatic environment using the models for toxicity and bioavailibility in sediments and model microcosms

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