Interactions among the Chemicals, Environment and Biological Systems

and their Consequences on the Global, Regional and Local Scales

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FSO No. 1: Fate of Chemical Compounds in the Environment


Research Part of Plan (RPP):

RPP No. 1.1   Presence of chemical compounds in the environment - screening for new types of pollutants, evaluation of necessity of their monitoring, verification of suitability of new analytical methods for the monitoring, data collection for exposure evaluation
RPP No. 1.2   Fate of chemical compounds in the environment - study of distribution of chemical compounds in the environment, distribution equilibrium, environmental chemical properties of studied compounds, modeling of chemical compounds distribution on global, regional and local level
RPP No. 1.3   Fate of element forms in the environment - study of distribution of various organic and inorganic speciations of elements of interest, speciation analysis, development of methods of chemical analysis based on isolation and preconcentration of species of trace elements followed by element-specific detection by optical and mass spectrometry methods; local distribution of elements in solid samples by laser assisted spectroscopy
RPP No. 1.4   Abiotic transformations - environmental photochemistry - study of photochemical transformations of organic compounds in environmental matrixes, and on their surface), development of techniques for laboratory simulations
RPP No. 1.5   Biotic transformations - study of adaptation of bacteria and their enzymes on degradation of new types of pollutants on the molecular level, construction of enzymes for environmental biotechnologies - isolation of new bacterial enzymes, their structural and kinetic characterization, immobilization in biosensors
RPP No. 1.6   Electrochemical transformations - electrochemistry of biologically and environmentally important compounds with respect to their environmental fate, experimental and theoretic study of redox and adsorption properties of biopolymers, heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants and their model precursors, development of the new electrochemical sensors
RPP No. 1.7   Development of new analytical techniques for organic compounds monitoring in biotic and abiotic environmental compartments

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