Interactions among the Chemicals, Environment and Biological Systems

and their Consequences on the Global, Regional and Local Scales

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FSO No. 4: Risk Analysis


Research Part of Plan (RPP):

RPP No. 4.1   Evaluation of ecological risks - development and validation of methodology for evaluation of ecological risks of new types of environmental pollutants (exposure scenarios, case studies)
RPP No. 4.2   Development of expert information network for interactive processing of environmental data and population databases - critical study of information sources - analytical and information tools for processing of population data - automated data processing - algoritmic solution of the problems linked to risk analysis
RPP No. 4.3   Analysis of human risks from exposure to chemical contaminants with special emphasis to new types of pollutants, mutagenic and carcinogenic compounds - methodology development - exposure and risk scenarios - indication role of epidemiology markers - tumors epidemiology

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