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prof. Luděk Bláha, Ph.D.

Deputy for Research and Ph.D Studies

Statutory Representative of the Centre



phone:+420 549 493 194

Aquatic ecotoxicology, cyanobacterial toxins, ecotoxicity of complex mixtures and sediments, dioxin-like toxicity, environmental endocrine disrupters, effects and toxicity mechanisms of POPs and other organic xenobiotics and cyanotoxins

Ecotoxicology, Imunotoxicology, Biomarkers and toxicity mechanisms

Other activities and awards:
- Member of Editorial boards of Chemosphere, Environmental Science and Pollution Research
- Member of SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry), ACS (American Chemical Society), Czech-Slovak Society of Microbiology
- International experiences: Michigan State University, MI, USA (2004-6), National Water Research Institute, Burlington, Canada (1998)
- Award of the Czech Academy of Sciences (2007) for young scientists "Cyanobacterial water blooms and cyanotoxins in the Czech Republic"


ISI-listed journal papers

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