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Graduation thesis Distribution and mobility of persistent organic pollutants in aquatic system

Supervisor Supervisor:

Student Student: Eva Valentová

Status Status: finished

Year Year: 2008

More frequent occurrence of stronger floods in Europe as well as in other parts of the world in recent years raises major concern about the material damages, but also an important issue of contamination of the affected areas through flooding. The effects of major floods on levels and distribution of contamination with hydrophobic organic pollutants were examined from the continuous set of data for floodplain soils and sediments from the industrialized area of Zlin where a 100-year flood occurred in 1997. Results of previous case study had clearly shown that behaviour of hydrofobic organic pollutants in water ecosystem requires additional research. It is necessary to pay an attention to variable contaminant levels in water and sediment during seasons, as well as search parameters affecting these levels – climatology and meteorology, temperature, precipitation, water flow, changes in the sediment composition and rates of sedimentation, oxidizing and reducing processes etc. Beside sediments, it is important to focus on suspended particles and their behaviour under various environmental conditions in further detail. All these demands have lead us to a new design of the study where five model sites representing various regions from the previous case study were selected. The results of this project are presented in the experimental part of this thesis.