Continuous successful cooperation with Armenia

Monitoring workshop on the operation of the new laboratory focussing on analyses of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) took place in the framework of the NATO project in Yerevan on 24 May 2012. Aim of the workshop was evaluation of analytical outputs from hundreds soil and sediment samples collected during the Armenian POPs inventory and preparation of the National Implementation Plan of the Stockholm Convention update based on the experience of the Czech Republic. Director of RECETOX, professor Ivan Holoubek, has provided a lecture and expert insight in this regard.

The laboratory was successfully set in operation, namely thanks to a number of training for Armenian experts run by RECETOX in Brno over last three years.

Professor Holoubek has also inspected energy producing installations in Yerevan and surroundings to monitor the continuation of PCB inventory in transformers.

At present, Armenia in cooperation with RECETOX work on a book comprising the analytical results and final report of the project for NATO.


Continuous successful cooperation with Armenia