RECETOX contributes to Success Stories of the Stockholm Convention

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has released a publication Success Stories: Stockholm Convention 2001-2011 contributing to the sustainable development on 31 July 2012. Document comprises 37 inspiring stories on successes in implementation and positive impact of the decade long existence of the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants.

Research Centre for Toxic Compounds in the Environment (RECETOX) has provided three specific stories. The first one showcases expertise of RECETOX being shared annually in the Summer School on POPs that enhances capacity for sampling, analyses and data interpretation as shown on page 81. International workshop for world leading POPs scientists organized by RECETOX in May 2011 resulted in Declaration (see page 34) urging world decision makers to focus on steps that would make cooperation between scientists and regulators more efficient and would strengthen our global endeavours to protect human health and environment from toxic chemicals. Finally, Czech Republic's story on the implementation of the Stockholm Convention and gradual development of national coordination mechanisms and tools supporting more efficient chemicals management such as monitoring network (MONET) and multilevel and multiuser information database GENASIS that links environment and health is provided on the page 102. Last but not least, activities of RECETOX are also recognized in other stories of the publication as Czech Republic through RECETOX belongs to most important and respected partners in the implementation of the Stockholm Convention.

Success stories: Stockholm Convention 2001 – 2011


Success stories: Stockholm Convention 2001 – 2011