Invitation to an interdisciplinary workshop – GAMU Projects 2014–2016

Masaryk University Research Department organizes a final workshop on interdisciplinary research Projects GAMU 2014–2016. The workshop will be held at Komenského nám. 2 in Brno (meeting room no 300) from 1 pm. The seminar will present four successful interdisciplinary projects implemented at Masaryk University in 2014–2016.

We would like to highlight that Professor Jana Klánová, RECETOX Director, will summarize the CELSPAC project: Central European Longitudinal Study of Pregnancy and Childhood at the workshop.
The CELPAC project will continue to its next stage at RECETOX as it has received a support from the European Operational Program Development, Research and Education as a RECETOX RI project. By end of 2019, a biobanking facility will be built at the Bohunice University Campus in Brno to preserve environmental and human samples.