Workshop for CEE countries on effective participation in BRS expert groups

A training workshop for the Central and Eastern European and Central Asian countries to strengthen their capacities to participate effectively in meetings of the Stockholm and Rotterdam Conventions expert groups - Persistent Organic Pollutant Review Committee (POPRC) and the Chemical Review Committee (CRC) respectively was organized by SCRC Czech Republic at RECETOX premises on 6–8 February 2018.

Nineteen countries of the CEE region (24 delegates) participated in this very successful meeting. We would like to acknowledge in particular Kei Ohno-Woodall and Alain Witting from the Basel-Rotterdam and Stockholm Convention Secretariat as well as all current CEE members in both Committees for their engagement in demonstrating and explaining relevant tasks in group works during the workshop. We believe that such trainings will continue to be organized as they constitute a great experience-sharing platforms.

The workshop also discussed a potential elements for a regional project supporting these capacities among our countries and briefly touched upon gender issues in chemicals management in our countries. Last but not least, we would like to recognize the financial support provided to this meeting by the European Union and the Government of Germany.

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