Continued cooperation with Armenia

The training “Sharing Experience of the Czech Republic in Risk Assessment with Environmental and Information Center expert from Armenia” took place at RECETOX, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic 4-8 June 2018. This activity is based on a contract between the UNIDO and the RECETOX supporting the implementation of the GEF project “Implementation of BAT and BEP for the reduction of UP-POPs releases from open burning sources”.

Trainee, Mr. Artak Khachatryan returned to RECETOX to strengthen his skills in data interpretation (on the basis of GC/MS and GC/ECD laboratory data available from the Ararat site), their comparability and data visualization including work with specialized software and models to estimate distribution of the pollution in different environmental media. He presented a situation report on the rehabilitation of the Ararat dumpsite after the BAT/BEP intervention during 2017 and plans for 2018. There were six RECETOX experts involved in the training and Artak thus spent a full week in discussions and hands-on with our experts: professor Ivan Holoubek shared his experience in dealing with contaminated sites to identify pollution in different environmental media and data interpretation, professor Martin Scheringer explained a small regional model to be able to compare model with uPOPs data collected in the first monitoring campaign in 2016 and held a hands on, and Associate Professor Pavel Čupr lectured on GIS modelling and introduced risk analysis approaches and available tools.

In addition, Jiří Kalina introduced Artak to the tools and visuals in GENASIS information database and carried a hands on with recalculation equations, Roman Prokeš refreshed Artak`s skills in sampling of air and soil and need for provision of information in the sampling records together with the samples, and Petra Přibylová discussed peculiarities of the chemicals analyses of contaminated samples.

Outcome of the training is a design of new monitoring round at the Ararat waste dumpsite to take place in 2018 taking into account site`s status quo after the BAT/BEP establishment at the site and needs for information to provide input into risk analysis assessment to be carried out after the data from collected samples in 2018.

Director of the SCRC Czech Republic, Kateřina Šebková, stated that RECETOX are very pleased to see the project successfully continuing and are looking forward to cooperate with Armenian colleagues in this follow-up to the first sampling campaign from 2016, build Armenian capacities in risk analysis and support them in generation of information necessary for enhanced use of available data.

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