Interview with two RECETOX professors

The Rafts4Biotech project website published a large interview with two leaders of the Protein Engineering Programme at RECETOX. Professors Jiří Damborský and Zbyněk Prokop discussed potential of using bacteria in eliminating industrial trash and some types of synthetic chemicals. In line with their experience, biotechnology can be used, with the help of the mocrofluid chip robot to engineer bacteria to a range of new tasks. Full version of the interview is available here.

Rafts4Biotech (R4B) is a European Horizon 2020 research project that aims to optimise bacteria for the industrial production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food-related compounds. The Rafts4Biotech is established in a consortium of 12 partners form 9 different countries with a funding of 7,5 M€ in four years.

The project strives to confine the production of new synthetic microorganisms to specialised areas of the microbe’s membrane called lipid rafts. These recently-discovered regions present an ideal setting to avoid interferences with bacterial metabolism and viability.