Jan Štourač and Gaspar Pinto: New Tool for Personalized Oncology

The research teams of Professor Jiří Damborský and David Bednář from RECETOX Masaryk University and FNUSA-ICRC, of Professor Jaroslav Štěrba from the Children's Hospital of Brno University Hospital and of Associate Professor Ondřej Slabý from CEITEC are developing a new computational tool for personalized paediatric oncology - PredictSNP-Onco.

A single mutation can cause formation of a tumour cell. Thus, a mutation needs to be evaluated as soon as practicable so that a treatment comparing all available drugs (inhibitors) that have been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the State Drug Control Authority (SÚKL) or by FDA, US federal agency - Food and Drug Administration can be considered.

The Salomon computational time of nearly 800,000 kernels will be used by scientists to evaluate all possible protein mutations that lead to the cancer development and propagation and to analyses of inhibitors by the computational method of molecular docking.

By using the information in four world databases of mutations, together with the calculated results, the tool will also help with the design of a new, personalized / precise treatment for various types of cancer. Doctors will get more information in less time. They will also be able to apply the right treatment to the relevant patient at the right time much faster.

The new tool - PredictSNP-Onco - could make it easier for paediatriatians/oncologists to determine the most appropriate treatment for each individual patient, for whom standard procedures do not succeed, or in cases with the low probability of cure by standard procedures is very low.