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The RECETOX News 3/2018 issue is now available!
14.11.2018 | More information...

The autumn issue focusses on human health. It looks at it from a number of perspectives – through research investigating human health impacts using a wealth of information and expertise that was generated during the first 35 years of the RECETOX. It uses our tools, environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology, new analytical methods for monitoring toxic chemical substances in the environment and in various types of matrices. There is also information on new projects combining our long-term knowledge and disciplines, complementing them with newly established teams for epidemiology, biostatistics or biomedicine, new approaches or newly developed IT tools.

Regional meeting in preparation to COP2 of the Minamata Convention on mercury
25.10.2018 | More information...

The Stockholm Convention Regional Centre in the Czech Republic supported the Regional meeting for Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia in Preparation for the second meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Minamata Convention on mercury and subsequent information sessions on the three conventions (BRS) and SAICM held in Chisinau, Moldova, on 16-18 October 2018.

Public lecture of Jakub Hofman
11.10.2018 | More information...

Dear colleagues, we invite you to the RECETOX joint seminar for a public lecture of doc. Jakub Hofman. The lecture is organized within a process of Jakub's application for full professor title/position at Faculty of Science, MU.

Ph.D. student positions and dissertation topics at RECETOX

Further information in the section PhD positions

The RECETOX News 2/2018 issue is now available!
25.9.2018 | More information...

Have you checked our summer issue of hte RECETOX news yet? There is progress report on implementing the EU Horizon 2020 project ICARUS targeting and improving urban air quality, introduction to EnzymeMiner, a novel platform for biotechnology combining IT database search with microfluidic characterization to speed the whole process of identification of prospective enzymes, or results of our research on impact of monsoon on remobilization of persistent organic pollutants in India and globally

Job opportunity – POSTDOC POSITION in the field of Environmental Toxicology / Environmental Health
27.8.2018 | More information...

Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic invites excellent scientists to apply for POSTDOC POSITION in the field of Environmental Toxicology / Environmental Health.

Unusual enzyme dynamics revealed by computer simulations
12.7.2018 | More information...

Enzymes are biocatalysts of living cells, converting small molecules called substrates to their corresponding products. Enzymes are highly valued by chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Most of the enzymes perform chemical reactions deep inside themselves at precisely organized active sites. The active sites can only accommodate certain molecules which allows the enzymes to distinguish their own substrates from all the molecules in the surrounding environment. Another layer of a molecule recognition is provided by the enzyme tunnels, which connect the active sites with the surrounding environment. In this study, an enzyme with a tiny active site and narrow tunnels was noted to be able to catalyze a substrate about two times bigger in its size.

Jan Štourač and Gaspar Pinto: New Tool for Personalized Oncology
20.6.2018 | More information...

The research teams of Professor Jiří Damborský and David Bednář from RECETOX Masaryk University and FNUSA-ICRC, of Professor Jaroslav Štěrba from the Children's Hospital of Brno University Hospital and of Associate Professor Ondřej Slabý from CEITEC are developing a new computational tool for personalized paediatric oncology - PredictSNP-Onco.

Continued cooperation with Armenia
15.6.2018 | More information...

The training “Sharing Experience of the Czech Republic in Risk Assessment with Environmental and Information Center expert from Armenia” took place at RECETOX, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic 4-8 June 2018. This activity is based on a contract between the UNIDO and the RECETOX supporting the implementation of the GEF project “Implementation of BAT and BEP for the reduction of UP-POPs releases from open burning sources”.

Job opportunity – Assistant Professor in environmental chemistry and toxicology
30.5.2018 | More information...


Job opportunity – Associate Professor in environmental chemistry and toxicology
30.5.2018 | More information...


RECETOX summer school 2018 – programme available
23.5.2018 | More information...

Registration to the RECETOX summer school is now open! Join us at the traditional international summer school that takes place each June since 2005.

Job opportunity – Ph.D. student positions in organic chemistry
22.5.2018 | More information...

We invite applications for a Ph.D. position to work in the group of Prof. Vladimir Sindelář. The main role of this position is concerned with the synthesis of bambusuril receptors and the investigation of their properties. Background in host-guest chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry is preferred.

Job opportunity – Postdoctoral Fellow in Organic/Supramolecular chemistry
17.5.2018 | More information...

Dean of the Faculty of Science open the position of Postdoctoral Fellow in Organic/Supramolecular chemistry. Individuals with strong skills in organic synthesis and supramolecular chemistry are encouraged to apply and join the research team led by Prof. Vladimír Šindelář. The successful candidate will be involved in the synthesis and purification of new urea-based macrocycles and will investigate its supramolecular properties. For further information about the research group see webpage

Invitation to a lecture – Markus Hecker 2
18.4.2018 | More information...

Dear colleagues and students, we invite you for the second lecture of Professor Markus Hecker from the Univeristy of Saskatchewan, Toxicology Centre and School of the Environment & Sustainability, Canada entitled “Investigations into the molecular initiating events that drive the sensitivity of fishes to dioxin-like chemicals”.

Interview with two RECETOX professors
17.4.2018 | More information...

The Rafts4Biotech project website published a large interview with two leaders of the Protein Engineering Programme at RECETOX. Professors Jiří Damborský and Zbyněk Prokop discussed potential of using bacteria in eliminating industrial trash and some types of synthetic chemicals. In line with their experience, biotechnology can be used, with the help of the mocrofluid chip robot to engineer bacteria to a range of new tasks. Full version of the interview is available here.

Invitation to a lecture – Markus Hecker
12.4.2018 | More information...

Dear colleagues and students,

we invite you to the lecture of Professor Markus Hecker from the University of Saskatchewan, Toxicology Centre and School of the Environment & Sustainability entitled “21st Century Chemical Risk Assessment – Toxicogenomics and the Adverse Outcome Pathway Concept”. The lecture takes place on Tuesday 17 April 2018 at 9am in the lecture room RCX1 (A29/252), 2nd floor, RECETOX.

Workshop for CEE countries on effective participation in BRS expert groups
10.4.2018 | More information...

A training workshop for the Central and Eastern European and Central Asian countries to strengthen their capacities to participate effectively in meetings of the Stockholm and Rotterdam Conventions expert groups - Persistent Organic Pollutant Review Committee (POPRC) and the Chemical Review Committee (CRC) respectively was organized by SCRC Czech Republic at RECETOX premises on 6–8 February 2018.

Invitation to a lecture – Philip Dunne
10.4.2018 | More information...

We would like to invite you to the talk of Dr Philip Dunne from Queen's University Belfast entitled “The clinical utility of molecular stratification in colorectal cancer”.

Invitation to a lecture – Michael McLachlan
6.4.2018 | More information...

Dear colleagues, we would like to invite you for the lecture of our long-term collaborator Professor Michael McLachlan from the Stockholm University, Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry, entitled “Identifying chemicals that are planetary boundary threats”.

Invitation to a lecture – Jan Hrbáč
4.4.2018 | More information...

Dear colleagues, you are cordially invited to a lecture by Dr Jan Hrbáč (Masaryk University), entitled “Production of nanomaterials by spark discharge and its use for the preparation of electrochemical sensors”.

PhD positions at RECETOX
23.3.2018 | More information...

Highly motivated and talented candidates are invited to join RECETOX research teams at Ph.D. student positions.

Workshop of Biophysical Chemists and Electrochemists and Summer School of Electrochemistry
2.3.2018 | More information...

We would like to invite you to the Workshop of Biophysical Chemists and Electrochemists and the XII. Summer School of Electrochemistry, which will take place on 12 to 14 September 2018 in the Masaryk University Campus (building A11, room 205 – WBPCHE, and building A12, LABIFEL-LSE laboratories).

Global Symposium on Soil Pollution
28.2.2018 | More information...

We would like to invite you to an exciting scientific event on soil pollution jointly organized jointly by the BRS Secretariat with the Food and Agriculture Organization, the Intergovernmental Technical Panel on Soils and other partners.

Invitation to a lecture – Jessica Legradi
21.2.2018 | More information...

You are cordially invited to a very interesting lecture by Dr Jessica Legradi (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and RWTH Aachen) entitled “Alternative approaches to study developmental neurotoxicity”.

Invitation to a lecture – Martin Scheringer
12.1.2018 | More information...

Dear colleagues
We would like to invite you to the lecture of Martin Scheringer on Long-range transport of organic chemicals in the environment given on Wednesday January 17th at 2.30 pm at the RECETOX1 Lecture room (A29) at the opportunity of his application for the full professorship at Masaryk University.

Invitation to a seminar – Tomáš Cajthaml
11.1.2018 | More information...

Dear colleagues
we would like to invite you to a special seminar next Tuesday 16.1. 13:00h. Our guest Prof. Tomáš Cajthaml (Institute of Microbiology, CAS & Charles Uni, Prague) will present on "Combination of nanoscale-zero-valent iron and autochthonous microorganisms for remediation of commingle plumes".