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Invitation to a lecture – Jessica Legradi
21.2.2018 | More information...

You are cordially invited to a very interesting lecture by Dr Jessica Legradi (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and RWTH Aachen) entitled “Alternative approaches to study developmental neurotoxicity”.

Invitation to register for the RECETOX summer school 2018
19.2.2018 | More information...

Registration to the RECETOX summer school is now open! Join us at the traditional international summer school that takes place each June since 2005.

Invitation to a lecture – Martin Scheringer
12.1.2018 | More information...

Dear colleagues
We would like to invite you to the lecture of Martin Scheringer on Long-range transport of organic chemicals in the environment given on Wednesday January 17th at 2.30 pm at the RECETOX1 Lecture room (A29) at the opportunity of his application for the full professorship at Masaryk University.

Invitation to a seminar – Tomáš Cajthaml
11.1.2018 | More information...

Dear colleagues
we would like to invite you to a special seminar next Tuesday 16.1. 13:00h. Our guest Prof. Tomáš Cajthaml (Institute of Microbiology, CAS & Charles Uni, Prague) will present on "Combination of nanoscale-zero-valent iron and autochthonous microorganisms for remediation of commingle plumes".