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Projects Assessment of multiple biological effects of air pollutants mixtures in vitro

Manager Manager: Novák Jiří

Period Period: 2010—2012

Sponsor Sponsor: Czech science foundation

National project

The main goal of the project is to gain a unique information on a relatively wide set of nonspecific and specific biological effects (toxicity, genotoxicity, dioxin-like toxicity, estrogenicity and androgenicity) of complex mixtures of pollutants from particulate and gas phase of ambient air collected at localities differing in pollution status and/or type. The study will describe a seasonal variation of the biological effects and compare the toxicological characteristics of the samples with data from chemical analyses.

Atmospheric pollution poses an important environmental problem nowadays. Although air pollutants were described to cause many toxic effects in exposed organisms, the mostly used approaches for evaluation of level of air pollution are based on chemical analysis that are able to describe neither overall composition nor the toxicity of the complex mixtures of pollutants. The proposed project will optimize a set of methods and evaluate a complex set of biological effects of the air pollutant mixtures in vitro. It will describe cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, dioxin-like activity, estrogenicity and androgenicity of compounds associated with six inhalable size fractions of air particulate matter and gas phase of air. The air will be sampled at localities differing in pollution characteristics. Overview of seasonal variation and distribution of pollutants eliciting the studied biological effects among the gas and the six particulate fractions compared to data from chemical analyses will provide unique information that may be used for improvement of environmental risk assessment.