RECETOX Research Infrastructure General Conditions of Access

General Conditions of Access

The open access user has the right to free access to the RECETOX core facilities, to its standard experimental and data processing instrumentation, professional and technical support under the supervision of the infrastructure core staff. The open access user has to respect the rules of access to the RECETOX core facilities, and RECETOX and Masaryk University operation rules including OHS (occupational health and safety regulations) and rules of presentation of the outcomes generated through use of the RECETOX Research Infrastructure.

Recommended application procedure for "open access" applicants

1. Application

  • download forms from
  • consult with the infrastructure coordinator
  • fill in form "Application form for open access"
  • send the form and related accompanying documentation electronically to infrastructure coordinator
  • wait for acknowledgment of receipt and formal check of the application
  • modify application or accompanying documentation (only upon request by RECETOX)
  • wait for decision on the evaluation of the proposal and for a written confirmation on the positive decision on acceptance of the project proposal

2. Before arrival

3. After arrival (on the first workday)

  • contact the infrastructure coordinator
  • sign the agreement "General conditions of access" ( MS Word file, 40 kB)
  • receive the keys
  • contact the designated infrastructure staff and initiate the project implementation

4. Before departure

  • download and fill the "Final report" ( MS Word file, 45 kB) form and questionnaire "User´s questionnaire" ( MS Word file, 75 kB)
  • attend final meeting with the coordinator and designated infrastructure staff (record of the work undertaken during the stay, scope of remaining work, overview of the results)
  • give the filled forms to the coordinator and return the keys

5. After departure

  • communicate with the designated infrastructure staff (sending the results, preparing outputs, writing manuscripts etc.)
  • communicate with the infrastructure coordinator (send copy of publications, conferencepapers/abstracts/presentations – as soon as they are ready)

The open access users shall make a reference to the RECETOX Research Infrastructure´s facilities on which they performed their activities, i.e., research, development and innovation and to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic on its support of Research Infrastructure installations in all research reports and publications. They also need to provide a copy of all materials (reports, publications) prepared through open-access to the RECETOX Research Infrastructure to its infrastructure coordinator.