RECETOX Research Infrastructure Utilization of the Infrastructure

Utilization of the Infrastructure

The achievements, goals and results realized with the support of RECETOX RI between 2010–2015:

  • 158 scientists worked at RECETOX RI in open access mode
  • 136 scientists/institutions used capacity of the RECETOX RI (only ask analyses, data export, etc.)
  • 403 papers in high impact peer reviewed international journals
  • 11 patents, 2 utility models, 2 certified methodologies, 8 specialized maps with scientific content, 2 authorized software and other applied outputs
  • 50 multiannual national projects
  • 19 multiannual international projects
  • 52 conferences, workshops and summer school
  • annual summer school, 467 participants from 85 countries from all around the world
  • more than 300 collaborating institutions
  • 75 specialized courses and lectures
  • the large infrastructure supported preparation of 359 final theses at bachelor´s, master and doctoral degree