The Stockholm Convention Regional Centre for Capacity Building and the Transfer of Technology (SCRC) in the Czech Republic is a body supporting sound chemicals management in the Central and Eastern European region and worldwide.

Our work

RECETOX fulfils three functions: academic and educational institution, research institution working on transformation of the research into practical applications and a body supporting implementation of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and of the sound chemicals management in general.

The Centre builds on 25 years of experience and its 140 staff study interactions among chemicals, environment, and biological systems as well as on interdisciplinary links, including consequences at local, regional and global levels.

The Centre has been involved in atmospheric monitoring of POPs (MONET) in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Africa and Asia. Besides the ambient air monitoring networks, it has also been conducting a regular Summer School training programme on POPs monitoring, laboratory analyses and new approaches to study environmental distribution, transport, bioaccumulation and effects of contaminants, incorporating environmental and human risk assessment, environmental modelling, biostatics and informatics. Recent activities include development of on-line data repositories and visualisation systems (GENASIS or global portal for the GMP). In addition, there is a long experience in undertaking a large number of international and national grants and (joint) projects in environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology including links to application.

Regional Centre works with partners within its geographical region but also with countries in Africa and Asia as well as cooperates with a number of other Stockholm Convention Regional Centres (Brazil, Mexico, Spain, India, Russian Federation etc.)