The Stockholm Convention Regional Centre for Capacity Building and the Transfer of Technology (SCRC) in the Czech Republic is a body supporting sound chemicals management in the Central and Eastern European region and worldwide.

New issue of the RECETOX Newsletter – June 2017

We have just released a new issue of the RECETOX Newsletter – June 2017 looking at the Open-access strategy for 2017 RECETOX Research infrastructure, conference reports or invitations to the upcoming events taking place in the Czech Republic or abroad.

In addition, we are introducing our new Horizon 2020 project – INTERWASTE and providing updates on activities of the Stockholm Convention Regional Centre in the Czech Republic – trainings in Africa and Ukraine and about output of the conferences of Parties to the three conventions (Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm).

We wish you pleasant reading and a relaxing summer! Should you wish to read earlier issues of our newsletter, please see our website for their Czech or English versions.