ESR 1:

Country of origin:

Host institution: Aarhus University



Project title: Underlying physiological mechanisms of interactions between effects of exposure to contaminants and natural stressors
Objectives: Identify and analyse interplay between physiological/molecular mechanisms involved in toxicokinetics/toxicodynamics under influence of natural stressors.
Develop RNA interference (RNAi) methods that will help understand the transcriptional molecular responses to contaminant exposure, and to identify the most important molecular responses in detoxification and defence mechanisms.
Expected results: Understanding importance of relevant natural stressors in detoxifying contaminants and defensive stress response mechanisms.
Using RNAi (with ESR4), novel understanding and identification of important detoxification mechanisms, facilitating selection of relevant transcriptional biomarkers for further refinement/development of toxicity screening procedures used in chemical RA.
Place: Aarhus, Denmark
Planned secondments: RIWA, M18, 2 months, Hands-on introduction to risk assessment
UdG, M27, 2 months, investigate physiological effects of non-chemical stressors
Work packages: 2 - Exposure and chemical-biological interactions
3 - Linking molecular responses to effects at higher biological levels using adverse outcome pathways (AOPs)
Supervisors: Martin Holmstrup, AU
Inge Fomsgaard, AU
Host institution and enrolment: Aarhus University