ESR 15:

Country of origin:

Host institution: Technical University of Denmark (DTU)



Project title: Integrated risk assessment: from exposure through AOPs to ecosystem services

To translate ecotoxicological effects from chemical exposure via different AOPs into damages on ecosystems expressed in measures of genetic diversity.
To link ecosystem damages to ecosystem functions and ecosystem services related damages expressed in measures of functional diversity.

Expected results:

Set of consistent metrics relating distinct ecotoxicological effects to damage on genetic diversity (i.e. species loss) at the level of ecosystems.
Quantified comparative damage factors differentiated according to species groups and/or groups of MOAs and/or groups of AOPs.
Approach for systematically linking genetic species diversity to ecosystem functions and services.
Damage factors for functional diversity differentiated according to ecosystem functions and services groups and/or species groups fulfilling similar/same functions or ecosystem services.

Place: Kongens Lyngby, Denmark
Planned secondments:
RIVM, M18, 2 months, multi-species sensitivity distribution
UWaterloo, M26, 2 months, water ecosystem services and functions
Work package: 5 - Risk assessment and socio-economic evaluation of ecological effects
Supervisor: Peter Fantke, DTU
Host institution and enrolment: Technical University of Denmark (DTU)