Project activities

The project activities follow the Key Areas of Changes (KAC), which have been identified based on the detailed SWOT analyses. The KACs are then mirrored in the respective work packages, each of them dedicated to specific tasks and project objectives. The work packages are interconnected and some outputs of given WPs are used as inputs of the other ones. The brief description of the work packages is following:

  • WP1 creates the background for the upgrade of the RECETOX Centre into the Centre of Excellence in all its conditions. The WP will ensure the smooth change management and implementation of measures leading to the upgrade of the Centre, both from the point of view of organization, management and administration, but also from the point of scientific, educational and exploitation and dissemination activities,
  • WP2 is dedicated to implementation of research and development strategy, establishment of new research programmes & groups, ensuring the continuous excellence of research and taking the ethical issues into account,
  • WP3 ensures the development of the research infrastructure of the Centre, including the physical upgrade (financed by complementary ESIF funding), establishment of new core facilities and development of new techniques, methods and skills of research infrastructure staff,
  • WP4 is dedicated to education and training activities, including implementation of new educational programmes, introduction of joint PhD and post-docs training programmes, focusing also on the training and development of internal staff and user community,
  • WP5 is dedicated to the HR, recruitment, continuous development and mentoring of the staff, including the administrative/management staff, with special attention to the Early-Stage Researchers and experienced staff via shared co-mentoring (experienced mentors coming from RECETOX and advanced partner’s institution),
  • WP6 aims to develop the research support services (including the administration, organization, financial management, business development) and continuously increase the profile of staff ensuring those services, and contribute to effective innovation management at the Centre and within the project,
  • WP7 ensures the financial sustainability and match funding of the Centre. This will include the management of the complementary funding from ESIF (not financed by the H2020), exploring and exploiting new resources, incl. private ones and finance sustainability planning,
  • WP8 dedicated to dissemination and communication, will capitalize on the results of all previously mentioned and will also aim to raise the general awareness of the Centre and the importance of R&D and science per
  • WP9 is dedicated to project coordination and innovation management and will ensure that the project is managed in a proper way and oversees the works in other WPs.
  • WP10 is dedicated to the Ethical requirements

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