To strengthen RECETOX’s research excellence in the urban exposome field, we will:

  • Combine environmental monitoring, human biomonitoring, and health data on health and use statistical and geographical modelling techniques to analyze such multidisciplinary and multisectoral (environmental, socioeconomic, population, health) data in the selected model urban environment and urban population, the city of Brno, Czech Republic;

  • Transfer knowledge and build capacities through workshops, expert lectures, events with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and industry, and stays at partner institutions;

  • Prepare results (e.g., air quality, traffic load, greenness, socioeconomic deprivation maps) for subsequent epidemiological studies related to both old and newly established cohorts (new projects);

  • Assess the longitudinal nature of exposure and health data, which remains scarce in exposome research to date;

  • Assess the urban exposome-health associations for the city of Brno;

  • Establish citywide patterns correlated with human health risks;

  • Identify high-exposure locations (hot spots) in the city of Brno that put citizens at risk;

  • Compare the Brno urban exposome data with urban exposome data available for other Western European cities (e.g. Barcelona);

  • Inform relevant local stakeholders responsible for urban planning and also the general public about the outcomes of this study.


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