ESR 13: Susanna Mölkänen

Country of origin:

Host institution: University of Sheffield



Project title: Ecosystem services and risk assessment

Evaluate available tools for applying ecosystem services approach to chemical risk assessment. Identify key information gaps.
Use novel approaches from ecology, ecotoxicology and modelling to address information gaps identified in first objective.
Apply novel and existing approaches to evaluate the risk of chemical to ecosystem service of case study chemicals.

Expected results:

Systematic review of the applicability of current ecotoxicological methods for assessing the risk of chemicals and other stressors to ecosystem service delivery.
Tools for facilitating translation of conventional ecotoxicological endpoints to ecosystem service assessment endpoints.
The tools and approaches required to assess the effects of chemical on ecosystem service delivery.

Place: Sheffield, United Kingdom
Planned secondments:
DTU, M18, 3 months, ecotoxicological damage modelling
EI, M32, 1 month - exposure and risk assessment
Work packages: 5 - Risk assessment and socio-economic evaluation of ecological effects
4 - Predicting effects on ecosystem services through AOPs
Supervisor: Philip Warren, USFD
Lorraine Maltby, USFD
Host institution and enrolment: University of Sheffield