ESR 2: Juris Tunēns

Country of origin: Latvia

Host institution: Tallinn University


About me

Juris attained his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Technology at Riga
Technical University and Master’s in Chemistry at University of Latvia.
His Master’s project was carried out in the Latvian Institute of Aquatic
Ecology (LIAE) focusing on untangling the interactions between and
within trophic levels from phytoplankton to fish of Baltic Sea coastal
and estuarine food webs through carbon and nitrogen stable isotope
chemistry. After graduation he remained in LIAE pioneering research into
anadromous fish migration by stable isotope fingerprinting in addition
to continuing research of food webs and to further expand his knowledge
in marine monitoring techniques as a mesozooplankton taxonomist.

Currently, Juris is employed as ESR at the National Institute of
Chemical Physics and Biophysics in Tallinn, Estonia, where he will
investigate the effects of changing abiotic factors on chemical toxicity
in primary producers and consumers in microcosm scale food webs.


Project title: The influence of abiotic factors on exposure

Reveal abiotic factors significantly influencing chemical toxicity.
Compare toxic effects in unicellular and multicellular organisms in different exposure scenarios and in simplified food-chain model.
Identify effects of exposure conditions on D. magna.

Expected results:

New information on chemical effects on bacteria, algae and crustaceans in different exposure scenarios and food-chains.
New potential biomarkers and toxicity endpoints to increase environmental relevance of laboratory data (with ESR3 and ESR5).

Place: Tallin, Estonia
Planned secondments:
NIVA, M18, 2 months, in vitro studies and chemical analysis
NIVA, M24, toxicogenomic studies
DuPont, M28, 2 months, chemical analysis
Work packages: 2 - Exposure and chemical-biological interactions
3 - Linking molecular responses to effects at higher biological levels using adverse outcome pathways (AOPs)

Villem Aruoja, NICPB
Kairi Koort, Tallinn University
Margit Heinlaan, NICPB
Knut Erik Tollefsen, NIVA
Anne Kahru, NICPB

Host institution: National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Enrolment: Tallinn University

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