ESR 3:

Country of origin:

Host institution: Environmental Institute s.r.o.



Project title: Bridging chemical exposure with effect assessment
Objectives: Bridge chemical exposure with the effects at higher levels (ecological status, biological elements of quality) using target (>2400 chemicals; quantitative) and non-target (>40,000 chemicals; semi-quantitative) screening of environmental and biota samples; prioritize chemicals responsible for exceedance of the Effect-based Trigger Values.
Test the prioritisation at the local, regional and river basin scales for regulatory purposes.
Validate the novel concept with specific datasets (Joint Danube Survey 4; Joint Black Sea Survey).
Expected results: Establishment of links between the exposures to large number of chemicals and the ecological status (statistical analysis).
Prioritization of the pollutants for future regulatory monitoring and management purposes.
Place: Koš, Slovak Republic
Planned secondments:
MU, M18, 1.5 month, in vitro and in vivo studies
NIVA, 24, 1.5 months, bioinformatics, in vitro studies and chemical analysis
CSIC-CEAB, 30, 1 month, extrapolating chemical effects on assemblages in multiple ecosystem service delivery
Work packages: 2 - Exposure and chemical-biological interactions
3 - Linking molecular responses to effects at higher biological levels using adverse outcome pathways (AOPs)
4 - Predicting effects on ecosystem services through AOPs
5 - Risk assessment and socio-economic evaluation of ecological effects

Jaroslav Slobodnik, EI
Ludek Blaha, MU

Host institution: Environmental Institute s.r.o.
Enrolment: Masaryk University