ESR 4:

Country of origin:

Host institution: Masaryk University



Project title: Linking metabolic and reproduction disruptions after exposures to novel flame retardants

To characterize MoAs and ecotoxicological effects of novel classes of flame retardants (FRs) in zebrafish.
To establish AOP network linking metabolic-endocrine-reproduction disruption caused by FRs.

Expected results:

MIEs, KEs and AOs related to toxicity of novel FRs including toxicogenomics responses.
In vitro assay(s) for high through-put screening (HTS) or ecotoxicant effects.
Characterization of a (network of) AOPs linking metabolic-endocrine-reproduction outcomes relevant for FRs.

Place: Brno, Czech Republic
Planned secondments:
RIWA, M20, 2 months, FRs and water quality assessment
NIVA, M24, 2 months, toxicogenomic studies
Work packages: 3 - Linking molecular responses to effects at higher biological levels using adverse outcome pathways (AOPs)
4 - Predicting effects on ecosystem services through AOPs
Supervisor: Ludek Blaha, MU
Host institution and enrolment: Masaryk University