ESR 5:

Country of origin:

Host institution: Norwegian Institute for Water Research



Project title: Linking chemical perturbations of chitin synthesis to developmental disorders in crustaceans

To establish and evaluate the AOP “Chitin synthesis inhibitors leading to developmental disorders and death in freshwater crustaceans”.
To implement a suite of bioassays and effect tools characterize the AOP and establish quantitative effect relationships along the AOP continuum (qAOP) in Daphnia magna.
Establish computational solutions to support extrapolation of AOP and qAOP data to hazard and risk assessment.

Expected results:

Conceptual AOP developed and evaluated, submitted to the AOP-wiki and knowledge gaps identified to guide experimental studies.
Experimentally consolidate the AOP with molecular (with ESR2), functional, and adverse outcomes data (with ESR6) in D. magna to develop qAOPs, and 3) Demonstrate use of computational solutions (e.g. statistics, bioinformatics and machine learning) to support cross-species extrapolations and use of AOP/qAOP data to support environmental hazard and risk assessment (with ESR3).

Place: Oslo, Norway
Planned secondments:
VUA, M15, 1 month, histochemistry, histopathology and in situ hybridisation in D. magna
CSIC-CEAB, M20, 2 months, multispecies exposures
EI, M30, 1 month – chemical analysis and data-mining of demonstration studies from WP5 (JDS4)
Work packages: 3 - Linking molecular responses to effects at higher biological levels using adverse outcome pathways (AOPs)
5 - Risk assessment and socio-economic evaluation of ecological effects
Supervisor: Knut Erik Tollefsen, NIVA
Host institution: Norwegian Institute for Water Research
Enrolment: Norwegian University of Life Sciences