ESR 6:

Country of origin:

Host institution: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam



Project title: Linking phenotype, developmental and behavioral outcomes to metabolomic pathways in aquatic snails and terrestrial arthropods

To develop a combined in vivo and in vitro metabolomic approach to investigate molecular mechanisms and pathways of neonicotinoid toxicity.
Establish/evaluate AOP for neurodevelopmental and behavioural effects of neonicotinoids on Lymnaea stagnalis (aquatic) and Folsomia candida (soil) by linking involved metabolic pathways with phenotypic/developmental/behavioural changes.
To link tissue specific exposure information to molecular information at the anatomical level.

Expected results:

New insights into molecular mechanisms and pathways of neonicotinoid toxicity. In vitro and combined cross-omic strategy (metabolomics, proteomics and genomics; collaboration with ESR5) to confirm MoA and toxicity mechanism associated with the AOP.
Anchoring of metabolic profiles with pathways observed in other in vitro (ESR1, ESR2, ESR3, ESR4) and in vivo assays.
Anchoring of the chemical exposure, molecular tissue distribution and organism health profiles to MIE, KE and AO of selected AOPs.
Revised conceptual AOP for neurodevelopmental disorders and final version submitted to the OECD-EAMST for expert evaluation.

Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Planned secondments:
MU, M22, 2 months, in vitro studies
RIWA, M26, 2 months, data analysis
Work packages: 3 - Linking molecular responses to effects at higher biological levels using adverse outcome pathways (AOPs)
4 - Predicting effects on ecosystem services through AOPs

Marja Lamoree, VUA
Pim Leonards, VUA

Host institution and enrolment: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam