ESR 7:

Country of origin:

Host institution: University of Girona



Project title: Linking physiological, individual and population level effects: AOP on the fish performance biomarkers (swimming capacity, metabolism and energetics)
Objectives: Examine relationships between fish performance disruptions and fitness changes in individual fish.
Evaluate propagation of altered individual fitness into altered population demography under consideration of physiological and ecological traits.
Investigate the modulating influence of non-chemical stressors on fish performance disruption.
Apply research findings in the context of a regulatory risk assessment for fish performance disruptors.
Expected results: Understanding for a selected AOP (fish performance disruption - adverse individual/population outcome) the qualitative and quantitative relationships between organisms and ecological effects of chemical exposure.
Experience in scopes and limits of mechanism-based approaches to environmental risk assessment.
Place: Girona, Spain
Planned secondments:
ECT, M18, 2 months, link the data at the individual, population level to effects at the ecosystem level
USFD, M30, 2 months, assessment/modelling ecological effects
Work packages: 3 - Linking molecular responses to effects at higher biological levels using adverse outcome pathways (AOPs)
4 - Predicting effects on ecosystem services through AOPs
Supervisor: Anna Vila-Gispert, UdG
Host institution and enrolment:

University of Girona