ESR 8:

Country of origin:

Host institution: Masaryk University



Project title: Linking retinoid and thyroid hormone signaling disruption with adverse effects on early development

Characterize the relation of endocrine disruption via interference with retinoid and thyroid hormone signaling with adverse effects of pollutants on early development of fish.
Explore the role of nuclear receptors RAR/RXR and TR signaling in the AOP of selected environmental toxicants and mixtures.
Link mechanistic changes in retinoid and thyroid hormone signaling with higher level adverse outcomes (developmental and embryonal toxicity, altered growth or behavior) by employing proteomics and targeted metabolomics and transcriptomics approaches.

Expected results:

Assessment of early developmental effects in aquatic vertebrates (fish) with key role of retinoid and thyroid hormone signaling; their increased occurrence leads to adverse outcomes to structure (ageing) and growth of populations.
AOP linking molecular modulations of retinoid and thyroid hormone signaling with biomarkers of key events and health outcomes in vivo at organismal - embryonal level.
Information on the predictability of adverse effects intensity from initiating events assessed by in vitro tools

Place: Brno, Czech Republic
Planned secondments:
VUA, M17, 2 months – development and optimization of the methods for metabolomics and biomarker analyses
Du Pont, M27, 2 months – methodologies of bioanalyses and metabolomics in industry
Work packages: 3 - Linking molecular responses to effects at higher biological levels using adverse outcome pathways (AOPs)
4 - Predicting effects on ecosystem services through AOPs
Supervisor: Klara Hilscherova, MU
Host institution and enrolment: Masaryk University