Invitation to PRORISK Consortium Meeting & Stakeholder Workshop

March 2023 News

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In April 2023, PRORISK enters its final year. This also means that all our ESRs are now in their final year and working towards finalization of their PhD theses. For that reason, a face-to-face PRORISK Consortium Meeting, combined with a hybrid Stakeholder Workshop, will be held from 2-4 October 2023 at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, with the aims to:

  • Give the floor to all ESRs to present their achievements;
  • Discuss overall achievements towards PRORISK aims of realizing a novel framework for environmental risk assessment (ERA) integrating exposures, mechanistic AOPs, trait based approaches, ecosystem services and risks/socio-economic valuation;
  • Integrate PRORISK achievements into the case studies exploring two ecosystem services - Recreational fishery and Crop production;
  • Discuss with Stakeholders the PRORISK findings and their possible use in future ERA;
  • Use the recommendations of the Stakeholders, together with the findings of the ESRs and the outcomes of the case studies, to start preparing for the final deliverables;
  • Celebrate PRORISK network progress and achievements.

We want to invite all PRORISK ESRs and their supervisors, all partners, Advisory Board Members, and all others involved in PRORISK to join this consortium meeting. We also invite all PRORISK ESRs, beneficiaries, partners and Advisory Board Members to actively contribute to engaging stakeholders to participate.

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The provisional programme reads:

Monday 2nd October:

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to programme
  • Presentations of ESRs and discussion of PRORISK results

Tuesday 3rd October:

  • Presentations of ESRs and discussion of PRORISK results
  • Presentation and discussion of case studies
  • Hybrid Stakeholder workshop (first part) including:
    • Keynote by PRORISK Advisory Board Member - Dr. Dan Villeneuve, US EPA
    • Presentation of case studies
    • Presentation of PRORISK questions to stakeholders

Wednesday 4th October:

  • Hybrid Stakeholder workshop (second part) including:
    • Reflection on PRORISK findings by two stakeholders
    • Discussion of PRORISK findings and questions
    • Recommendations from stakeholders
  • Discussion on how to use outcomes of PRORISK and Stakeholder recommendations to produce final PRORISK deliverables
  • Training: PRORISK ambition to train next generation of environmental risk assessors
  • Dissemination and communication of PRORISK results
  • Management issues
  • Social event to celebrate PRORISK

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