RECETOX is a research center of the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University. In 2018 it celebrated 35 years of its existence. RECETOX is engaged in research and education in the field of management of environmental and health risks related to chemicals around us.


Our research groups focus on

  • environmental contaminants,
  • study their behavior in the environment,
  • employ advanced techniques for modeling their long-distance transport,
  • bioaccumulation in living organisms, and
  • their health effect on organisms, humans, and populations.

Research at RECETOX

Education and training

We provide education at all levels of university studies in following interdisciplinary and attractive study programmes:

  • Environment and Health
  • Computational Biology and Biomedicine.

Study at RECETOX

prof. Jana Klánová

“At RECETOX, we deal with the interdisciplinary research and education in the area of environment and health.”

prof. Jana Klánová
Director of RECETOX

Research Infrastructure (RI)

RECETOX RI provides access to technologies and services in three unique core facilities:

  • Trace Analytical Laboratories,
  • Population studies,
  • Information systems.

Use Open Access

Science and Society

RECETOX closely cooperates with national and international institutions in implementing international treaties and conventions, through the National Center for Toxic Compounds and the Stockholm Convention Regional Center.
Doing so, ensures that results of research and development activities are translated into policy – forming of new legislation or contributing to a ban on production of harmful substances or products containing them.

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