Cooperation with schools

RECETOX has maintained a long tradition of cooperating with high schools through its own events (excursions, seminars, workshops) and participation in public events organized by other entities (MjUNI, Bioskop, Researchers' Night, Brno Health Days and many others). We inform students about current scientific topics associated with the environment and motivate them to pursue higher education in the natural sciences (STEM).

For high school students we offer:  

  • guided lab tours at RECETOX - usually including an introductory lecture and then a visit to the laboratories (length: 2 hours)
  • lectures at high schools (especially for 3rd and 4th year high-school students) - according to teachers' choice (length of the lecture 45-90 min)
  • student workshops „RECETOX hands-on“ - takes place once a year for 3rd and 4th year students (from January to February)
  • topics of high school scientific activities (so called SOČ).

We offer various lectures and seminars also in foreign languages, especially in English, but some also in German, French, Italian etc. 


Lectures available for schools

Žijeme už v době Star Treku?

Jsou metody léčby ve Star Treku stále sci-fi nebo již realitou? Co mají společného vidění, opalování, praní oděvů a uchovávání piva? Přednáška uvede vědní disciplínu - fotochemii - zkoumající procesy a jevy, se kterými se potkáváme v každodenním životě.

Jazyk přednášky: Čeština, English

Klíčová slova: Fotochemie

Plastics in the oceans: Environment and Humans

This lecture describes the main accumulation areas of marine debris in the world´s oceans. How important is society, human habits, and reciclyng?. And finally present the main effects on Marine organisms.

Language of the lecture: Spanish

Key words: Plastics, society, marine organisms

How buildings affect our health

This lecture will highlight the ways that the buildings where we spend most of our time (homes, schools, offices, etc.) can affect our health, discussing emissions of chemicals from the products we use as well as how new trends towards "green" buildings can help or harm the health impact of buildings.

Language of the lecture: English

Key words: Chemical pollution, green buildings, health

What's in our stuff? Chemicals in consumer products and why they matter

This lecture will describe the type of chemicals we find in the consumer products we use in our daily lives, and how we are exposed to chemicals when we are using consumer products, and what is being done about these possible hazards.

Language of the lecture: English

Key words: Chemical pollution, health, consumer products

Activités humaines et leur conséquences sur les écosystèmes

Pour cette présentation, nous allons étudier deux études de cas pour lesquels les activité humaines ont influencé le fonctionnement des écosystèmes ainsi que les services rendus par celui pour les être-vivant (y compris les humains)

Language of the lecture: English, French

Introduction à la bactériology

Dans cette présentation, nous allons couvrir les fondamentatux de la bactériologie, en commençant tout d'abord par des informations très générales sur les bactéries, puis en étudiant leur cycle de vie, la moyen de se nourrir, se reproduire, …

Language of the lecture: English, French

Pesticides in the atmosphere

This lecture will deal with the presence of pesticides in the atmosphere, the pesticide consumption in EU and important processes influencing the pesticides in the air will be discussed. Finally some case studies on pesticide in air will be presented.

Language of the lecture: French

Key words: sampling, atmosphere, pesticides

Introduction a l'écoéthologie: l'étude du comportement animal

Cette présentation permettra d'expliquer les principaux concepts de l'ethologie, notamment la notion d'énergie, de cout-bénéfice, de degrés sociaux, …

Language of the lecture: English, French

Ethologie: Les grands Herbivores

Cette présentation sera axé sur la présentation des grand herbivores passé et présent. Nous partirons d'informations générales puis nous enchainerons sur des aspects plu sspecifique comme la nutrition, reproduction, specificités de ces organismes qui les characterisent comme des grands herbivores

Language of the lecture: English, French

Ethologie: le lion et l'ours

Dans cette présentation, nous allons discuter d'informations générales lié aux cycle des vies des lions et ours ainsi que de leur comportement

Language of the lecture: English, French

Reduction of toxic emmissions from diesel engines using biofuels

This lecture will highlight the use of biofuels mixed with diesel with an aim for reducing toxic pollutants that re emmited from the diesel engine.

Language of the lecture: English

Key words: Chemical pollution, toxicity,transport, Engines

How does our activities affect penguins in Antartica

This lecture will highlight the levels of dioxins in penguins and the soils of Antartica

Language of the lecture: English

Key words: Dioxins

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