Cooperation with schools

RECETOX cooperates with secondary schools for a long time, through its own events (excursions, seminars, workshops) and by participating in events for the public organized by others (Bioskop, Researchers' Night, Festival of Science, Brno Days for Health and many other activities). It's essential to inform students and teachers about current scientific knowledge related to the environment and also to motivate students to pursue higher education in science.

For teachers and secondary school students we offer:

  • thematic lectures at secondary schools in person or online (especially for third and fourth years of secondary school) - topic of the teacher's choice, length of the lecture by appointment 45-90 min
  • guided tour of the RECETOX laboratories - usually 1.5 hours
  • workshops
  • conducting the topic of SOČ

We also actively participate in correspondence courses (ViBuCh and IBIS).



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Lectures for schools

Chemical substances

A huge amount of chemicals of both natural and anthropogenic origin is around us. Some of these can cause environmental problems and/or affect human health. Join us for a closer look at these chemicals.



What chemicals cause to the environment?
What do they cause to organisms, ecosystems, or humans?
How do we find out?



What are we breathing?
What substances do we find in the air?
And how is air quality changing?



Drinking or sewage? Salty or sweet? Or spring? Water is essential to our lives. But what about its quality?



Soil is an important component of ecosystems.
Let's explore it together.


Indoor environment

Nowadays, we spend most of our time indoors. How does this environment affect us?



What affects the health of individuals or entire populations? How is the environment related to our health?


Workshops in cooperation with Bioskop


Currently, a number of pesticides are used in conventional agriculture for plant protection, disease control or weed control. On the other hand, some of these pesticides are suspected of having adverse effects on both the environment and organisms, including humans. Would you like to know more about pesticides? Then we invite you to a workshop where we will explore the issue in detail.

We will talk not only about pesticides, but also about the legislation that is supposed to protect us, the consumers. And, of course, we'll go into the laboratory. Using the QuEChERS extraction method, we will obtain a tomato extract in which pesticides can be measured. Finally, we will also process and interpret the data so that we can compare the amount of pesticides in tomatoes from the garden, supermarket, market or certified organic.

Duration: 4 hour workshop

Target group: high school students, can be arranged for whole classes, biology/chemistry teachers

Date: all year round - by appointment
max. number of participants: 20

Venue: hall B7,
Kamenice 5, University Campus

Price: 100 CZK/person.

Are you interested?
Contact Rozárka Jílková

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