Data services

The "Data Services" facility consists of five cooperating units. The Information Systems and CERIT SC groups create the system, environment and support for the operation of the RECETOX research infrastructure and the centre's research groups, and ensure comprehensive management of research data and their interoperability. At the same time, they also provide access to databases and information systems, such as GENASIS, which enables joint analysis and visualization of environmental contamination data from different providers. The other three parts of the infrastructure, on the other hand, provide users with specific services and biostatistic and bioinformatics analyzes of data from existing databases, but also from new experiments or users' own data, either separately or in connection with other services or research activities.

The data service facility consists of the following units:

  • Information Systems
  • Processing and analysis of spectrometric data

The infrastructure provides the following services:

Information systems

This unit provides RECETOX research infrastructure with the design, construction and operation of its information architecture.  It ensures the development and operation of the GENASIS information system, GMP Data Warehouse or, for example, the development and operation of the CELSPAC Admin system enabling data management of individual population studies.

Portals and tools

Spectrometric data analysis and processing

We develop and maintain a specialized instance of Galaxy for processing high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) data. Pipeline developments are dedicated towards the analysis of chemical exposomics and metabolomics datasets. Galaxy is an open source data processing workbench focused on reproducibility, accessibility and openness. The instance is hosted on infrastructure provided by CERIT-SC at Institute of Computer Science.

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CERIT SC is providing the RECETOX RI with the technology support for development of data management platforms, data processing pipelines and advanced bioinformatics tools for the management, integrative analysis, and presentation of multidimensional data.


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