Studying at RECETOX

Multidisciplinary study programs incorporating a vast array of fields, were specifically designed to address the highly complex interactions between environment and health.

Successful completion of the programs paves the way to countless career opportunities in the public (research, government) as well as private sectors.

2 new study programs

Beginning 2018/2019 academic year, students can apply for new study programs based on years of experience in teaching the subject, but also from social, scientific and corporate demand for specifically educated professionals.

500+ Graduates

Since RECETOX’s inception, more than 500 students have successfully graduated from the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs. Many more are joining, thanks to the its increasing popularity.

Modern background

Teaching takes place in the center's highly equipped research infrastructure, with over 170 researchers working in more than 20 research groups. The center operates 50 high-end laboratories with an area of 4000 m2, special accredited laboratories and a biobank currently being built.

Study programmes

Environment and Health

Study programme is focused on the he effects of environmental pollution on human health, life, and ecosystems. You may study it in the bachelor, master and PhD level.

Mathematical Biology and Biomedicine

Study program deals with the application of mathematical and analytical approaches in biology, biomedicine and medicine. You may study it in the bachelor and master level.

Why Study at RECETOX?

Choosing the right university and study program can be daunting, particularly since to a large extent they determine one’s future career path.

Luckily RECETOX is the Czech Republic’s top academic and research institution in environmental sciences - so the choice is easy.

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10 reasons to study at MUNI Faculty of Science

RECETOX is a community

Students, academics, researchers, technicians, administration and management meet regularly at joint seminars, that in addition to lectures, offer a discussion platform for broader topics, such as the role of universities in the 21st century.

At RECETOX, students are our colleagues.

In addition, we also organize activities to build and strengthen relationships.


Bachelor’s Programme

Applications are open from November until February.

How to sign up?


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Master's Programme

Applications are open from February until April.

How to apply?


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PhD Programme

Do you want to realize your own scientific project? We offer more than 20 interesting research topics each year. Plus, you can come up with your own idea.

Find out more about the PhD programme.