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As part of the RECETOX RI (Research Infrastructure) “Open Access” project, RECETOX makes its state-of-the-art research infrastructure and services available to internal as well as external academics and researchers. The project is funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, therefore ensuring that all research expenses are provided free of charge.

Open Access offers:

  • Access to laboratory services (e.g. trace lab) and facilities for conducting individual experiments
  • Utilization of sample preparation and measurement services
  • Access to databases (GENASIS, CELSPAC, etc.)

Project proposals can be submitted at any time, however, are evaluated at the end of each quarter:

  • 31 March 2022
  • 30 June 2022
  • 30 September 2022
  • 31 December 2022

Eligible applications will be evaluated until capacities have been fully exhausted for a given period. Once approved, applicant may begin their work immediately.

Projects must be completed within the calendar year in which they were approved.

How to apply

  1. Gather required documents:
    1. application form (Trace analytical laboratories, for other contact dr. Růžičková)
    2. applicant's CV
    3. student and junior scientist must also submit a letter of recommendation from their senior researcher/supervisor
  2. Submit completed application form and all accompanying documentation via Please write “RECETOX RI – OPEN ACCESS APPLICATION” in subject line.

Proposal Evaluation

All applications are evaluated on a quarterly basis in a two-step process.

  1. Technical feasibility is evaluated by respective core facility or research programme head.
  2. Proposal quality (project description) and CV of applicant are evaluated by an expert panel.

Projects requiring access to population databases must also be approved by the ELSPAC Executive Board (and by an ethical committee if needed), while joint projects (with RECETOX research programmes) only require approval of the respective programme leader.

Once the evaluation is completed, its results are presented to the RECETOX Extended Executive Board for final approval. The procedure is the same regardless if users are internal or external. All applicants are informed of the outcome within three months of submitting the proposal. Once approved, successful applicants are contacted by the open-access manager to discuss the project’s technical implementation, are assigned a local project supervisor, and must communicate with the head of respective core facility and/or a supervisor regarding project implementation.

General conditions

  • All applicants must sign the "General access conditions" agreement, stipulating the terms of access as specified by local regulations, safety procedures, IPR rules and rules for publishing results.
  • Acknowledgement of RECETOX RI is required in all published outcomes originating from the open-access projects.
  • A project implementation report and an evaluation questionnaire must be submitted to the open-access coordinator within two weeks after project completion.
  • Users are also requested to provide a copy of all publications or reports based on the open-access project.


Full support is provided for experimental work including consumables and work performed by the technical staff. However, support is not provided for travel and allowance.


Publications resulting from the use of RECETOX core facilities in the framework of Large Research, Experimental Development, and Innovation Infrastructure projects, must include an acknowledgement according to the following pattern:

This work / Part of the work was carried out with the support of RECETOX Research Infrastructure (ID LM2018121, MEYS CR, 2019–2022).

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