Impact on the society

Science and innovation have a major impact on our lives both on a regional and global level.
At RECETOX, we translate the research results into policy-making, legislation and applications to contribute to a healthy planet, human well-being and sustainable society.

Translation of the research results

We aim to make RECETOX's science and research results available to the widest user forum, including a broad scientific community, students, the private sector and industry, regional and national political representation, as well as the international and intergovernmental institutions, which utilize these results to formulate policies and guidelines for health and environmental protection.

Bringing the ideas to life through

Regional representation

We represent the Czech Republic in multiple international expert bodies at the EU and global level (e.g. WHO, UNEP, OECD).

Capacity building

Stockholm Convention Regional Centre hosted at RECETOX supports countries of the CEE and other countries in developing expertise in environment and health protection.

Shaping policies

We provide long-term and reliable data on status of environment and human health that improve relevant national, EU and global policies.

Innovation transfer

We translate research results into knowledge that has impact in daily-life. We join forces with the private and public sectors.

What we do

Regional representation 

As an institute or through our specialists we represent the Czech Republic or the scientific community in multiple expert bodies at regional, European and global level. On regional level, we cooperate with the City of Brno, which supports the realization of the Brno Living Lab concept, with the South Moravian Region or South Moravian Innovation Centre. On the national level, RECETOX acts as the National Centre for Toxic Substances that coordinates the implementation of the Stockholm Convention in the Czech Republic and cooperate on regional and local level in order to increase the quality of citizen’s life. On global level, we represent the CEE region through our Stockholm Convention Regional Centre, cooperate with numerous United Nations organizations (UNEP, UNIDO) and is the World Health Organization Collaboration Centre.  

Capacity building 

We support building the capacities mainly through the activities of the Stockholm Convention Regional Centre in the Czech Republic (SCRC). The Centre has for long time supported 23 countries in Central and Eastern Europe and serves as a strategic scientific partner for more than 30 other countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It focuses on capacity-building projects in developing countries, organizes conferences, seminars and summer schools, as well as promotes cooperation and scientific projects with partner countries and institutions in the fields of chemicals management, environmental protection and human health. We provide training of professionals, run monitoring networks across the globe, cooperate with other Regional Centers and support the implementation of SAICM and Minamata Convention on Mercury.

Shaping policies  

At RECETOX we strive for scientific excellence as well as proper translation of our research into specific projects and policies. Our input into national, European and global strategies is always based on latest research results, supporting effective and informed policy-making. 

RECETOX is member of the EU High-level Roundtable on the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, Lukášovo nové angažmá? performs the role of Stockholm Convention Regional Centre with diverse capacity-building, education and raising awareness activities and closely collaborates with WHO on multiple levels. In terms of Horizon Europe involvement, we help to shape Partnership for the Assessment of Risk from Chemicals (PARC) and other projects. 

Innovation and knowledge transfer 

We share and translate the knowledge and the actual results of our research with both the public and private sectors in order to contribute to solving grand societal challenges, but also provide tools for solving specific problems on the local level. We cooperate with hospitals and other subjects of the emergency services to contribute to the health of both the patients and the service providers, e.g. the firemen. We cooperate with the industry via both the collaborative and contractual research projects, consultations or specific trainings. Moreover, there are also several spin-off companies, which build on the research results of our research groups, such as ENANTIS or ENTRANT.   

Our success stories

We share data on the development of COVID-19

In cooperation with the City of Brno, we provide insight into interesting data. Investigate the temporal and spatial analysis of data on the occurrence of cases tested positive at COVID-19 in Brno.

Our databases are used worldwide

RECETOX is building a Global Environmental Assessment Information System and online tools for storing and visualizing POPs levels in basic matrices.

As part of the project, we address the issue of safe handling of cytotoxic drugs. We work with experts, but also patients, whom we inform about how to behave during treatment, so as not to endanger the health of people around them.

We develop software

We develop and provide software tools that can be used in the analysis of spectrometric data, or in modeling and investigating the properties of specific proteins. We also develop chemical standards, mass spectrum libraries and specialized compound databases.


Enantis is the first biotechnological spin-off of Masaryk University focusing on the engineering of therapeutically attractive proteins. The company's key product is stabilized fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF2).


Entrant spin-off company deals with methods of measuring stress. It can be measured in real time and without invasive or other complicated sampling (blood, saliva, etc.). The method was developed astronaut-stress's identification.

Investigation of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies

We are conducting a long-term prospective study PROSECO monitoring the dynamics of antibody levels against SARS-CoV-2 in the Czech population and contributing to the modeling of the COVID-19 epidemic.

New passive sampling method

Our researchers have applied, developed and advocated a new, gentle, accurate and sustainable way how to monitor the quality of water and especially the contamination caused by hydrophobic organic chemicals.

WHO Collaborating Centre

RECETOX's collaboration with the WHO Collaborating Centre will focus on assessing the risks associated with population exposure to chemicals. RECETOX has been collaborating with WHO in this field since 2013.

We think in a global perspective 

We are exploring the impact of the environment, both physical and social, on the human health and well-being of populations.

We monitor in the aquatic environment, investigate the fate of chemicals in the environment and develop new sampling and analytical methods.

We aim to contribute to sustainable development through research and innovation, sharing our knowledge and building capacities. 

We focus also on the „urban exposome“ in response to the urgent need to understand the impacts of urban environments on human health.  

We monitor the quality of water in oceans and deal with the research of microplastics. 

We concentrate on the research of soil microbiology, degradation and contamination to protect this key element of our ecosystem.

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