RECETOX Central Laboratories

The RECETOX laboratories are currently the busiest part of the RECETOX Research infrastructure. Laboratories are accredited according to European standards for environmental sampling and a wide range of chemical analysis. In recent years, the laboratory expertise has been extended to include other laboratories. The biomarker analysis laboratory focuses on methods of targeted and non-targeted analyses of biologically important molecules (metabolites, proteins, lipids) as potential biomarkers of effects associated with chemical exposure. The Microbiome laboratory provides the bacterial and mycobial profiles in various samples using the 16S rRNA gene and ITS gene sequencing. It also performs whole metagenome sequencing, in which all DNA in the sample is sequenced. 

Trace analytical laboratory

Our accredited laboratories provide the analytical background for the research programmes of the RECETOX centre and provide the advanced analytical services to our research teams, as well as to external clients. The laboratories also realize long-term monitoring programs of various matrices. 

More about the Trace analytical laboratory

Microbiome analytical laboratories

The laboratories provide the analysis of the microbiome of human (stool, buccal swabs, meconium etc.) and environmental (dust, water, soil) samples, using modern methods and continuously developing expertise of our specialists.

More about the microbiome labs

Biomarker analytical laboratories

The laboratories are a new part of the RECETOX research infrastructure. The laboratories provide analyzes using proven bioanalytical methods and further develop new analytical techniques, which are available broad range of users.

More about biomarker laboratories

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