Founded in 1983 RECETOX is an independent department of Masaryk University’s Faculty of Science. We are engaged in research and education in the fields of environmental and health. Our main activities comprise of monitoring toxic compounds in the environment, various products and human tissues, and evaluating the risks they pose, as well as their associated toxicological and ecotoxicological health effects; developing new sampling and analytical methods; developing new chemical tools and methodologies, biotechnologies and software tools. We are equipt to rapidly respond to new challenges concerning environmental contamination monitoring and exposure of the population to toxic compounds and their mixtures, and propose preventive and legislative measures, and offer appropriate interventions for chemicals management. 
We work closely with various industrial partners to safeguard human health and ecosystems from the effects of toxic compounds,. Furthermore, through hosting of the National Center for Toxic Compounds, and the Stockholm Convention Regional Center (SCRC) for capacity building and transfer of technology, we support countries in Europe and Africa, as well as international institutions in the region. 
RECETOX’s Research Infrastructure, is a centralized facility for the implementation of interdisciplinary research projects, and is divided into individual core facilities that analyze a wide range of anthropogenic natural substances and toxins in environmental or biological matrices, conduct long-term environmental and population studies, and develop sophisticated software tools for management, analysis, interpretation, and visualization of data. 
RECETOX provides multidisciplinary education in bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs in the fields of environmental health, mathematical biology, and biomedicine. 

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Prof. Jana Klánová

“Our vision is to become an internationally recognized Centre of Excellence that promotes and implements education and research aimed at understanding how environmental factors affect human health, aging and well-being, and developing innovative approaches for environmental and health protection, and interventional tools for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.”

Prof. Jana Klánová
Director of the RECETOX Centre

History of RECETOX

  • 2023

    RECETOX celebrates its 40th anniversary. 

  • 2022

    RECETOX became the WHO Collaborating Centre. PARC Partnership started. The bachelor study program Environment and Health is divided in two specializations. RECETOX participates in more than 25 EU research projects.

  • 2021

    EIRENE project coordinated by the RECETOX at Masaryk University has been included in the ESFRI Roadmap 2021. 30th anniversary of the CELSPAC study. RECETOX received the accreditation for habilitation and professorship procedures in the Environmental Health Sciences.

  • 2020

    TEAMING project started. ERA Chair for the RECETOX hired and the group to be established. The CELSPAC biobank construction finished.

  • 2019

    RECETOX awarded H2020 TEAMING Phase II project (with advanced partners UCL, ETH, BBMRI-ERIC and FNUSA ICRC), ERA Chair project, Twinning project, and also becomes part of Exposome project cluster

  • 2018

    Two new bachelor’s and master’s study programmes are accredited. New organisational structure developed, and construction of CELSPAC Biobank begins

  • 2017

    OP RDE projects on Excellent Teams (CETOCOEN PLUS) and RI upgrade (RECETOX RI) granted to the Centre, the TEAMING Phase 1 project granted to RECETOX

  • 2016

    First ERA-NET (ERA-PLANET) project awarded. Important H2020 projects awarded to RECETOX (HMB4EU, ERA-Planet, ICARUS)

  • 2014

    Trace Analytical Laboratories accredited by Czech Institute of Accreditation, GENASIS information system developed in RECETOX became official tool for Global Monitoring Plan (GMP) data collection. Collaboration with WHO established

  • 2013

    RECETOX mandate as Stockholm Convention Regional Centre prolonged. Prof. Jana Klánová becomes Director of RECETOX

  • 2012

    ELSPAC epidemiological database housed at RECETOX

  • 2010

    CETOCOEN Project starts. New RECETOX building construction started (A29 pavilion)

  • 2009

    RECETOX endorsed as Stockholm Convention Regional Centre. Monitoring network MONET Europe established

  • 2008

    Start of monitoring the POPs in air in Africa – MONET Africa

  • 2007

    Establishment of Ph.D. major in Ecotoxicology. RECETOX nominated as Stockholm Convention Regional Centre for CEE region

  • 2006

    Start of POPs monitoring (air) in the CEE GENASIS-environmental database project constituted

  • 2005

    First RECETOX summer school organized. Establishment of RECETOX as the National Centre for POPs

  • 2003

    Report on the National inventory of POPs in the Czech Republic, establishment of the MONET CZ network

  • 2002

    First EU project – Centre of Excellence and first EU framework programme (FP5 project APOPSBAL)

  • 1994

    First Ph.D. student graduates (Ecology major) Establishment of the Research Centre – PHARE project

  • 1990

    Ivan Holoubek becomes Director of the Department

  • 1988

    Regular monitoring at Košetice observatory in cooperation with CHMI

  • 1983

    Establishment of Department of Formation and Protection of the Environment, with Rudolf Rozkošný as Director of the Department

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