Translation of the research results

We aim to make RECETOX's science and research results available to the widest user forum, including a broad scientific community, students, the private sector and industry, regional and national political representation, as well as the international and intergovernmental institutions, which utilize these results to formulate policies and guidelines for health and environmental protection.

Science and Society

Through the “National Center for Toxic Compounds” and the “Stockholm Convention Regional Centre for Capacity Building and the Transfer of Technology”, the RECETOX center supports the Czech Republic and international institutions in implementing relevant international treaties and agreements, such as the Stockholm Convention.

Doing so, RECETOX translates the results of research and development in the daily life. This could thus take the form of new legislation or contribute to a ban on the production of harmful substances or products containing them.

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Contractual and collaborative research

We cooperate with the application sphere of the private and public sectors on the regular and long-term basis. Our partners are the multinational corporations, regional firms and start-ups on the one hand, and hospitals or fire brigades on the other.

Cooperation is usually realized through:

  • joint research projects financed by external grant providers, or
  • standard contractual research.

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Cooperation with schools

We constantly work with primary and secondary schools and the youngest generations. At RECETOX, we organize excursions for schools, offer specialized seminars that can be part of standard teaching at high schools and participate in a number of popularization events aimed not only at encouraging students' interest in their own study programs and scientific disciplines, but also at explaining the role of science and research for society.

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Cooperation with schools

RNDr. Kateřina Nováková, Ph.D.

Cooperation with public sector

Ing. Kateřina Šebková, Ph.D., M.A.

Cooperation with companies

RNDr. Petra Růžičková, Ph.D.

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