CYANOMETA Workshop 3 at RECETOX center: In Vitro Techniques in Cyanobacterial Research

From June 18th to 20th, 2024, the third CYANOMETA workshop took place at the RECETOX center.

24 Jun 2024

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Researchers from across the Visegrad and Western Balkan region gathered for a unique opportunity to explore the potential of in vitro techniques in cyanobacterial research. This workshop was more than just a series of lectures; it was a hands-on and interactive experience.

The event kicked off with a presentation by Dr. Eliška Sychrová (RECETOX, MU), showcasing the research infrastructure at RECETOX. Participants delved into the multi-layered interactions between environment and health, ranging from molecular studies to population-level impacts. The session also unveiled the advantages of advanced 3D liver cell cultures in research.

Later, Dr. Eliška Sychrová, Dr. Petra Labohá and Ms. Eliška Řehůřková (RECETOX, MU), captivated the audience with the insights into gap junctional intercellular communication, a crucial marker of tissue homeostasis. The day culminated in hands-on experimental training session, where participants applied their newfound knowledge and skills in real-time.

The second day was packed with  lectures on cyanobacterial research at RECETOX. Dr. Pavel Babica (RECETOX, MU & Institute of Botany, CAS), took center stage with his exploration of advanced in vitro human liver models for assessing cyanobacterial hepatotoxicity. His presentation was a deep dive into the methods used to understand the toxic effects of cyanobacteria on human health.

Dr. Lenka Šindlerová (Institute of Biophysics, CAS, & Animal Physiology and Immunology, MU), shared her pioneering findings on the immunomodulatory effects of endotoxins from cyanobacterial water blooms. Her research highlighted the intricate relationship between bloom microbial composition and immune response.

Dr. Petra Labohá, returned with a lecture on airborne cyanobacteria, detailing the methods used to assess exposure and health impacts. The day wrapped up with another session by Dr. Pavel Babica, discussing the latest results on gap junctional intercellular communication in WB-F344 cells exposed to cyanobacterial extracts.

The workshop concluded with a vibrant discussion on future research directions and the anticipation of the next CYANOMETA workshop. 

The CyanoMeta Workshop was funded by Visegrad Fund as part od international project Research network on the metabolome of cyanobacteria - Cyanometa.

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