Assoc. Prof. Branislav Vrana
Head of "Water Contamination and Related Risks" research group

Branislav Vrana is group leader in Aquatic chemistry within the Enviromental chemistry and modelling research programme of the RECETOX centre and associated professor of environmental chemistry at Masaryk University. He received a MSc. and PhD degree from the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. After postdoctoral research stays at the UFZ Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig, Germany and the University of Portsmouth, UK, he worked as environmental chemist at the Slovak National Water Reference Laboratory of the Water Research Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia. In 2010 he joined the RECETOX centre at Masaryk University as a researcher.

He has an expertise in pollutant monitoring in the aquatic environment, development of sampling and analytical methods, and in investigating fate of chemicals in the environment. His research includes mainly development and calibration of passive sampling techniques and their application in studies related to exposure assessment of aquatic organisms to trace organic pollutants in surface water, waste water and sediments.

He has been actively working at the science-policy interface at the national and international levels acting as a member and invited expert in the Working group Chemicals in the Common Implementation Strategy of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC, activity leader in the NORMAN association of reference laboratories for monitoring of emerging environmental pollutants (see here), and member of the ISO committee ISO/TC147/SC6 Water quality – Sampling.

He has published more than 89 impacted publications (WoS); h-index: 28, number of citations: 2747; number of citations without self-citations: 2501. He participated in one EU FP5 project, one FP6 project and has been a PI for MU in one FP7 project.

He is teaching number of courses, such as Environmental Chemistry III, Good Laboratory Practice, Good laboratory practice in chemical laboratory. He currently a supervises several Ph.D. and diploma students of environmental chemistry. He is the member of the doctoral committee in the field of Environmental Chemistry.

doc. Ing. Branislav Vrana, PhD.

Head, Water Contamination and Related Risks

Phone: +420 549 49 4975