Ondřej Adamovský, PhD.
Junior PI - Mechanistic environmental toxicology

Ondrej Adamovsky completed his PhD in 2010 at RECETOX, Masaryk University in the field of Environmental Toxicology under supervision of prof. Luděk Bláha. As a post-doc, he focused on the biological activity of cyanobacterial metabolites, specifically on the impact of cyanobacterial toxins in immunity.

Currently, he is a junior PI at RECETOX, and his research topics are related to the application of mix-omics to deeper understand the impact of plastic-related chemicals and plastic materials on the environmental and human health.

As a PI or co-PI he has participated on the implementation of 6 national and international projects (e.g. GACR, H2020, FULBRIGHT), which resulted in 50+ publications (40+ IF PAPERS). The international projects were performed in cooperation with University of Florida (UF), Michigan state University (MSU), University of Washington, Vienna University (UV), University of Ljubljana and others. His professional experience includes long-term stays at MSU and UF, and short term stay at UV. 

Ondrej is very active in scientific community and serves as guest editor for several journals in the field of environmental toxicology (FRONTIERS IN ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH, COMPARATIVE BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHYSIOLOGY, TOXICON and TOXICS). He established metagenomics and microbiome sessions at SETAC conferences where he also chairs the sessions. He is applying his expertise in environmental toxicology as an evaluator of broad range of national and international grants (MSCA, EUTOPIA and NSF).

His work was recognized several times by both scientific community and publishers, where BEST PAPER AWARD(ET&C, 2018) and TOP DOWNLOADED AND THE MOST READ IN PAPER (WILEY, 2019) are considered as most important achievements. 

He teaches the course of Basics in Toxicology (Bi5595), lectures at University of the Third Age and co-taught Advanced Toxicology (VME6603) at University of Florida.

Mgr. Ondřej Adamovský, Ph.D.

Junior PI - Mechanistic environmental toxicology

Phone: +420 549 49 3449



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