Population Studies

In 2014, a new population studies research platform was established, representing the third core facility of the research infrastructure.

It is involved in implementation of epidemiological longitudinal studies such as the original European Longitudinal Study of Pregnancy And Childhood (ELSPAC), and the follow-up Central European Longitudinal Study of Pregnancy And Childhood (CELSPAC) and The Next Generation (TNG), manages large-scale epidemiological studies, and uses the existing and newly built biobanking capacity of the centre.

CELSPAC (Central European Longitudinal Study of Pregnancy And Childhood)

CELSPAC studies include various types of population studies, such as the long-term ELSPAC study or the mother-child TNG study. CELSPAC studies collect different types of data on individual exposure and health. This data is stored in large databases, parts of which are made available to scientists and research teams.

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The new RECETOX Biobank collects, processes, stores and distributes various types of biological material and related data collected in population studies such as CELSPAC.

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