Brno partner city representatives visited RECETOX

Brno partner city representatives met in the South Moravian capital for the first meeting of the "Sister Cities Day." Science was this year's theme owing to the Mendel anniversary. On Thursday, 26 May 2022, representatives visited the RECETOX premises and its biobank. The director Jana Klánová introduced them to the Brno Living Laboratory concept and highlighted the fruitful cooperation with the City of Brno.

26 May 2022 Marie Hošťálková

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The long-term collaboration between the RECETOX research center and the City of Brno proves that communication between scientists and local authorities is the key to success. RECETOX has been sharing its research data on the Brno Data Portal, ensuring that the research findings are available to everyone. The latest transmitted RECETOX data set describes the incidence of new positive cases of the COVID-19 in the Brno population. The created dashboard presents a temporal and spatial analysis of data in 29 sub-districts of Brno.

Also, the close cooperation with the City of Brno has made the Brno Living Lab a reality. Scientists, politicians and the general public are working together to improve the environment and life in our city through mutual communication and the implementation of scientific findings. Thanks to the common ground, Brno will be a better place to live in. As the director of RECETOX, Jana Klánová, says: "Together, we can improve the environment and positively influence the next generation of children."

Jana Klánová met with the representatives of partner cities to show them the RECETOX premises, especially its biobank, where samples from hundreds of Brno citizens have been stored. She also highlighted the fruitful cooperation with the City of Brno, introduced them to the Brno Living Laboratory concept, and explained how collaboration between scientists and local authorities can work. Communication between scientists and the local government is the key to success and a healthy future for all of us.

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