Director Jana Klánová spoke at the Velvet Innovation Meetup

On Thursday, 19 May 2022, RECETOX Director Jana Klánová spoke at the Velvet Innovation Meetup about the Brno Living Lab. The Meetup took place at the SAP Czech Republic in Brno. At the informal meeting organized by JIC, Jana Klánová explained the concept of the Living Lab and the benefits it will bring to Brno and the entire region. At the meetup, nine other speakers presented their projects.

23 May 2022 Marie Hošťálková

Jana Klánová, author of photo: JIC

The South-Moravia Innovation Center (JIC) organizes regular meetings of key players from the private, public, and academic sectors. At each Meetup, ten projects are featured. Each speaker has two minutes to pitch their project, proving the main idea, vision, and potential strengths and weaknesses. The director of RECETOX, Jana Klánová, was invited to present the Brno Living Lab project at the May Meetup.

The Brno Living Lab is not a physical location but rather a concept for connecting the scientific research in Brno with the lives of Brno residents. Scientific institutions actively cooperate with citizens, local authorities, companies, and other relevant public figures and through their cooperation, create better living conditions in Brno and the entire region. As Jana Klánová said, "We are interested in how to put together the complex mosaic of all the factors that affect the lives of Brno citizens. The partnership between scientists, companies, politicians and, citizens is intended to create a stimulating, inspiring environment with shared responsibility for the region's future. Together we can improve the environment and positively influence the next generation of children."

The Velvet Innovation Meetup is a space for sharing fresh ideas, often founded on a solid human story. The Brno Living Lab has one too, and it has been focusing on several generations of Brno children for more than 60 years. The RECETOX Centre has long shared its research data with the City of Brno, thus translating research findings into its governance and decision-making. Jana Klánová sees the living laboratory as an essential commitment to locals actively involved in the research activities and a great opportunity to systematically and positively influence issues at local and regional levels, supporting participatory and socially relevant research.

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