The founder of RECETOX, Professor Ivan Holoubek, is Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus. Professor Holoubek, one of the RECETOX Center's founders, was awarded this honorary title by Martin Bareš, the rector of Masaryk University, for his long-term contribution to science and research, on 24th January 2023. Professor Holoubek has been working on the issue of chemical pollution of the environment, its risks, and its impacts for almost fifty years and is one of the world's experts on this issue.

1 Feb 2023 Marie Hošťálková

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The title "Professor Emeritus" is an honorary title awarded on the proposal of the Masaryk University Scientific Council, whereby the Rector of Masaryk University honors exceptional personalities, former professors at Masaryk University. Rector Martin Bareš awarded Professor Ivan Holoubek with this title on 23rd January 2023 for his extraordinary and inspiring scientific work in the field of chemical pollution of the environment, implementation of global conventions protecting human health from the effects of the impact of chemicals, and teaching activities at Masaryk University. Also, Professor Holoubek co-founded the Department of Environmental Protection and Formation in 1983, which transformed into the Department of Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology in 1990, today's RECETOX Research Centre of Masaryk University. Professor Holoubek headed this department for 23 years, between 1990 and 2013.

Professor Holoubek is a well-known scientist among foreign experts investigating the impact of chemical substances on the environment. He collaborated for a long time on UN programs related to protecting the environment and human health and sought to fulfill international agreements in more than 25 countries of the world. He also established the National Center for Persistent Organic Pollutants, today's National Center for Toxic Substances, which connects scientists and politicians in the state administration of the Czech Republic, thereby facilitating mutual communication and knowledge sharing.

"I was lucky in my life to have great teachers and role models who initiated and helped guide my work and thus contributed to the fact that we moved from one empty laboratory and eight workers in 1983 to a highly equipped workplace dedicated to the current problems of environmental pollution and its effects on living organisms and humans. And above all, I was lucky to have excellent colleagues, without whom my ideas and dreams would never have come true," says Ivan Holoubek about his appointment as emeritus professor and scientific work.

"What I appreciate about Ivan is how much space he left for his colleagues. He was never afraid of new ideas and different opinions. He could open the door for us, create an opportunity and leave the rest to us. I think that's also why RECETOX moved forward quickly, and interesting personalities grew up," says the current director of the RECETOX center, Jana Klánová.

Although Professor Holoubek has worked in science for almost five decades, his enthusiasm for research has disappeared. Currently, he is mainly engaged in expert work in chemical pollution and works for international and national institutions and industries. He regularly appears in the media and speaks about the impact of chemical substances on the environment.

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