CyanoMeta Workshop 3 - Brno

The workshop begins on June 19th, exclusively for registered participants. On June 20th, we open our doors to the public, offering three captivating lectures on the topic of cyanobacteria and their impact.

Cyanobacteria are ubiquitous photosynthetic microorganisms naturally occurring in aquatic ecosystems worldwide. However, their excessive growth can lead to severe environmental issues. As global climate change and anthropogenic activities impact aquatic ecosystems, the occurrence of cyanobacterial blooms is likely to increase.
The project aims to boost scientific expertise in the V4 region by advancing research on cyanobacteria, fostering collaboration, and transferring knowledge to future scientists to address regional challenges effectively.

More about the CyanoMeta project HERE.

20th June Program:

9:00-10:00 - Dr. Pavel Babica (RECETOX, MU&Institute of Botany, CAS) Advanced in Vitro Human Liver Models for Assessing Cyanobacterial Hepatotoxicity

10:00-11:00 - Dr. Lenka Šindlerová (Institute of Biophysics, CAS&Dpt. Animal Physiology and Immunology, MU) - Immunomodulatory Effects of Endotoxins from Cyanobacterial Water  Blooms in Relation to Their Microbial Composition

11:00-12:00 - Dr. Petra Labohá (Recetox, MU) - Cyanobacteria in the Air : Assessing Exposure and Health Effects 


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