The RETRAIN is a newly established interdisciplinary network of selected PhD students and their supervisors, mostly junior PIs. It is coordinated by Dr. Lisa Melymuk and Dr. Iva Sovadinová and supervised by dedicated RETRAIN advisory board formed by senior professors from RECETOX, UCL and ETH.

The main aims of RETRAIN are following:

  • To support and generate excellent research & improve scientific publishing (an increase in the quality & quantity of scientific publications)
  • To support multidisciplinary research and collaboration (e.g. joint publication & projects)
  • To create and support a research collaborative environment for brainstorming new ideas, planning and implementing projects
  • To improve the quality of supervision by junior PIs

The key elements of the RETRAIN are the the junior PIs, who constitute the core team of this network, and associated PhD students. The RETRAINers are continuously collaborating both scientifically and in other areas of their professional life.

Their formal networking activities consist of:

  • Monthly discussion-focussed group meetings
  • Research project updates and research discussions, student development plans, etc.
  • Online Teams group for sharing information on courses (within MU and online), seminars and webinars of interest, planning lab rotations
  • Annual retreat for brainstorming, team buildings. 

The main research areas of RETRAIN are general external exposome​, specific external exposome​, internal exposome and underlying relationships between external and internal exposomes. The overview of the research focus of individual researcher's is provided below.

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Ondřej Adamovský

Pavel Babica

Petra Bořilová Linhartová

Eva Budinská

Andrea Dalecká

Julie Dobrovolná

Jiří Kalina

Klára Komprdová

Gabriela Kšiňanová

 Dlouhodobě mimo výkon práce

Albert Kšiňan

Lisa Emily Melymuk

Ondřej Mikeš

Elliott James Price

Iva Sovadinová

Peter Šebej

Our PhD students

  • Barbora Rudzanova; Molecular markers to asses the impact of exposure on individual and population health; supervised by Ondrej Adamovsky
  • Daniela Brenner; Metabolomic and toxicokinetic approach to improve in vitro toxicity assessment and in vitro-in vivo extrapolation; supervised by Iva Sovadinova
  • Daria Sapunova; Effect of trends of environmental factors on long-term health outcomes; supervised by Jiri Kalina
  • Darshak Gadara; Methods for comprehensive profiling of membrane lipids to probe internal exposome; supervised by Zdenek Spacil
  • Akrem Jbebli; Strategies for small-volume chemical exposure analysis; supervised by Elliot Price
  • Rebecca Strada; Red and near IR fluorescent dyes for fluorescence image guided surgery​; supervised by Peter Sebej
  • Lucie Ráčková; Trajectories of acute and chronic stress in humans with specific focus on isolation (space research and isolated geographical regions); supervised by Julie Dobrovolna
  • Marina Grossi; 3D cell culture systems for hepatotoxicity assessment and liver disease modeling; supervised by Pavel Babica
  • Paula Marcinekova; Influence of the built environment on human exposure to chemicals; supervised by Lisa Melymuk

RETRAIN Coordinators

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Lisa Emily Melymuk, Ph.D.

RETRAIN coordinator

telefon: 549 49 3995
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RNDr. Iva Sovadinová, Ph.D.

RETRAIN Coordinator

telefon: 549 49 4738

Scientific Board

  • Jana Klánová
  • Klára Hilscherová
  • Hynek Pikhart
  • Martin Bobák
  • Luděk Bláha
  • Irena Štěpaníková
  • Pavel Čupr
  • Vojtěch Thon
  • Martin Scheringer

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